Lance Armstrong Wristbands

Could a simple yellow wristband make much difference?

Well, Nike seems to think so. Companies with such marketing clout don't lend their names to just any old cause. So too with a name like Lance Armstrong, but his endorsement is far more personal.

It's said that in our lifetime, cancer will affect us all, one way or another. Either we will be stricken or someone we know will. That makes the disease a universal issue, one that infuses entire communities with compassion and empathy, and inspires charity efforts on a widespread scale. One of the best ways to persuade people to part with their hard-earned money is to offer something that expresses solidarity, doesn't cost a mint, takes minimal time to implement and is easy to display. Lance Armstrong wristbands meet all these criteria, plus their principal endorser is a special man who has fought cancer and won.

The hugely popular Armstrong is an overwhelming inspiration even aside from his battle with the illness. Not only is he the most successful Tour De France cyclist in the history of the great race, having won an unprecedented seven times, but he has fended off rumours of performance-enhancing drug use and cleared his name. He is known worldwide for his endurance and persistence, two attributes that undoubtedly led to his claiming victory as one of cancer's triumphant survivors.

What are they?
Lance Armstrong wristbands are yellow bands of synthetic silicone rubber that are worn as hip, must-have bracelets, spreading awareness of the cyclist's message. They are printed with the word "LIVESTRONG", a message of hope and benevolence, empowering and encouraging sufferers to not give up and to fight with all they've got. After all, if one man can pedal his way over the finish line in the most gruelling bicycle race in the world, and come first seven times, he must know a thing or two about survival and tenacity.

Proceeds from the sales of Lance Armstrong wristbands funnel directly into his foundation that was set up in 1997 to provide counselling and emotional support for victims and their family members, plus financial relief, assistance with legal and insurance matters and matching patients to clinical trials. Nike launched the LIVESTRONG campaign with a $1 million donation and to date, in excess of forty-five million wristbands have been sold.

Thanks to his popularity as a world-class athlete, the thirty-four year old Texan has been able to share his story with a vast audience. In fact, when the Discovery Channel produced its documentary, "The Science of Lance Armstrong", it aired in 160 countries. Such exposure guarantees success for the "LIVESTRONG" campaign.

Why yellow?
While no official reason has been given for the choice of color for the Lance Armstrong wristbands, it appears obvious that it has to do with yellow being the color of the Tour de France's leader jersey. Yellow has always been a symbol of hope. Consider also, the song "Tie A Yellow Ribbon" and its sweet message.

Lance Armstrong wristbands come in two sizes: adult and youth. Various pack sizes are available but the cost is one dollar per wristband regardless of whether ten or one thousand are purchased. His very cool wristbands will be the accessory of choice for victims, victors and family members everywhere who have been touched by this tragic disease.

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